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 Conservation & Management  

To safeguard the Cosmological Axis of Yogyakarta property a World Heritage Management Plan has been prepared. The objective of the plan is to manage change and development in the area of the nominated property to retain the important values over the long term. The plan can be accessed here: Management Plan


A management system and coordination structure for the nominated property has been established under the overall coordination of the Management Unit for the Cosmological Axis of Yogyakarta. There are four (4) intersectoral management structures, namely:

  1. Joint Secretariat for the Management of the Sultanate Strategic Areas (Policy and Decision-Making Level)

  2. The Cosmological Axis of Yogyakarta Management Unit (Operational Level)

  3. Community Working Groups (Local Level)

  4. Traditional Management System (Tata Rakiting Paprentahan and Tata Rakiting Wewangunan)

Yogyakarta World Heritage Management Chart
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